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Thread: the memory of MacPro

  1. the memory of MacPro

    I used Catalyst Ver4 with MacPro.

    Attention is necessary for increasing the memory of MacPro.
    Please use the one of the size at a pure level though it is made of the third party, and there is the one with a small heat sink. The vicinity of the MacPro internal riser card rises in temperature considerably. In this case, the frame fall might appear while the phenomenon and Movie is reproducing and symptoms of abnormal termination of Catalyst and the system down, etc. appear to delay 10fps or more greatly as for generation and a live image. If the confirmation and the defect go out of the memory part with how to distinguish and the system profiler, it is likely to become ECC error. Even if only writing is executed with QuickTime, it freezes it.

    A bad memory was removed, and the trouble was canceled.
    My system is working energetically today.

    MacPro 2.66 ATI X1900XT S-ATA2 Raid0 4G Rams deklink extreme.
    Cat is 405m63 UB FC4.
    Contents is DV-NTSC 720x480 29.97fps.
    Control from GrandMA sync to SMPTE.

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    thanks hamayan -

    this is a new computer - we dont know the things to look for yet.

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