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Thread: Wireless cue (trigger) button

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    Quote Originally Posted by rex
    i recently got the idea to use a wiimote.

    the idea is to use the wiimote to render visual effects using its motion sencing capability or by midi triggering
    which i have already seen done here using a program called max/msp
    wiiremotes use bluetooth - and if you are serious about using this on stage - bluetooth isnt the best or most stable technology for stage work.

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    But I am sure someone out there would love to use it some time. Lol. I think it would be a pretty cool side project for someone to take on..

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    side project is exactly what it is... just a little fun for me during my boring times

    i like to think of myself as the jonny greenwood of lighting

    quiet yet mad scientist at the same time
    chunk chunk

    im currently at disney world on holiday but i did get further making things work ill show u what i have done via video when i get home

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    Sweet. My friend has a wii.. so maybe once you get it going then I will have to play around with it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanww
    Sweet. My friend has a wii.. so maybe once you get it going then I will have to play around with it.


    i'm sorry i have not been able to get to making a video yet
    since i have returned home from holiday i been on union call after union call
    infact i have not had much time to work on the project at all
    but it looks like i may have some time and the end of this new week

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    i did it on the iphone

    have near full show control of catalyst and pixelmad via the iphone

    its a cowboy of a set up really

    using a program called remote buddy i have been able to ajax my iphone to the mac and assign buttions via the program with catalyst, pixelmad and even use it as a remote focus unit with visionary 3d

    of course this is only for fun so dont expect to be using your iphone to run your next big tour!

    there is a slight lag as well reminds me of when you dont have enough ram to send video to dl.2s

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