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Thread: Locking more QT players to the timeline

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    Locking more QT players to the timeline

    Will it be possible to lock the movieplayers to the "normal" timeline (so not movie time 1 , 2 or 3) This way programming is a lot easyer. For example , I have 2 movies , playing one after another in one sequence. Now I "join" the 2 movies, so it will be one file, so I can add the cues under the 2 movies while locking to movietime 1. But what if I want to play 2 videofiles at the same time over 2 outputs, then i can only sync to movieplayer 1 or 2 .....
    Maybe it can't be done, since all events are trigger based instead of timeline based....


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    quicktime isnt really very good at doing these types of things

    its only really optimised to play a single movie at a time.
    especially with audio.

    but i havent looked at this type of thing for several years.

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    With samsc I can play out video on a remote QT player, what if you implement my suggestion only for the remote controllers? (so 3 remotes sending out only timeline info over the network...)


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