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Thread: 3d Objects

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    Sorry get on the discussion,

    But i like that...

    Richard, you can email me some models ? or have it on the web for dwnload?

    my email is


    BTW Great job on version 4. Looks great

    Ibeam SP
    SP, Brasil

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    Quote Originally Posted by samsc
    i can give you more models in a test version - if you like?
    Do you mean more wavefront .obj files (In which case I'm fine creating my own) or the means of being able to use more of them.

    When will the program have the "Ability to import 3-D images (.obj)" using the user interface?
    Best Regards

    Mic Pool

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    if you had a loop of 20 300k model poses it would take up 6Mb or so , not that huge.

    I thought live was the whole point. Most of my work is prerendered,
    3d models have to be stored on the graphics card - which is a very limited resource compared to the hard disc. around 100MB ( on older macs ) compared to GBytes on the hard disc.

    it takes more memory than you think to store models, and you can easily overload graphics memory. -

    there are also serious realtime performance limits with having large models- graphics architecture related.

    almost everything in 3d is much harder than it looks.
    for years artists and programmers in games have struggled with very limited resources-
    games might look really cute and fast - but they have been very highly optimised - with simple geometry - texture maps and things like bump maps to make it look like it has more detail than it has.
    in the realtime 3d world - geometry is often very simple. the textures make it look more complex.
    also you might be shocked to discover realtime games rendering is a horrible hack. almost everything is faked up and heavily optimised for specific situation...those games with nice things like soft shadows - are a horrible hack...often pre-rendered - or simplified.

    offline rendering - with things like radiosity and raytracing and nice shadows - making 3d models look real - is an entirely different art - to realtime - and takes a very long time to process frames. thousands of times slower than realtime.

    do not get these two confused.
    you cannot do any kindof realistic rendering with realtime rendering.
    thats why its better to do it as a movie...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gian
    Sorry get on the discussion,

    But i like that...

    Richard, you can email me some models ? or have it on the web for dwnload?

    my email is


    BTW Great job on version 4. Looks great

    there are a few simple ones builtinto the software.
    they are a visual fx.

    there are many places to download models on the net -

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    I look at the model feature to enable one to project on very obtuse or nonlevel surfaces such as arcs and the like without muddling up the image. A good example are when production designers make wings on the Grammy's to project on. Originally those wings were 3d convex and concave wings that needed a model mask for each segment in order for the image not to distor. They had to eventually flatten out the wings so that the content wouldn't distort.

    Richard is correct about rendering in games. It's a farce. Caustics, shadows, fire, nearly every effect is not done in the way you would if you were rendering out to a movie. It is faked. If you saw the geometry of game characters, stripped of their bump, normal, and texture maps, they would look like grey humanoids with no features. I wouldn't expect Catalyst or any video playback software to be able to mimic this though there are some cool things that can be done with hight maps and shaders to look like 3d. A hieght map is a gradient black and white image and there are some open gl shaders that could be implemented to create some interesting stuff.

    That being said, I really look at Catalyst as a great playback program with some very cool efects and options.

    Christian Choi

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    Quote Originally Posted by FinnRoss
    I have heard you can load your own 3d objects into catalyst and map images or movies onto them like the cubs and the wonderful Tea Pot. However I am unsure what type of 3d object file Cat Requires and how to do this since I can't find any info on this subject. Can anyone be of help?

    Catalyst 4.02 + does support 3d obj models.

    Create a folder called 'Models' in the same folder as the application.
    Name your model files using 3 digit numbers like movie files.



    Restart the application

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    I think it's a brilliant implementation being able to use models to straighten out non planar geometry that you want to be able to project on. There have been many instances when production designers have come to me wanting to be able to project on non planar or curved projection screens and it's always been a bain because I couldn't before. This option really adds to the funtionality of Catalyst.

    A really easy to use and great piece of software that is MAC compatible and creates .OBJ models is Modo 202. It's very very intuitive and you can create anything from very simple models to extremely complex ones in a fraction of the time it takes to model in Maya. It costs around $695 or $895.

    XSI foundation for PC or linux only is also a great modeler, animator, shader, and widely used overal 3d package for only $495.

    Most studios are migrating to XSI 6 foundation for most of their front end work and then importing the models via XSI crosstalk technology into Houdini or Maya to light and shade via Renderman plugs.

    If you ust want to be able to easily create models without animating them and need an easy to learn package that works within Mac, I would purchase Modo. If you want a more full featured package that allows you to do everything from dynamics, modeling, shading, Rigging, and rendering I would purchase XSI foundation, that is if you don't mind working with it in a PC environment.


    Christian Choi

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    It is worth checking out Hexagon 2 at Daz 3d. Only $149 and a good intuitive modeler.

    Works hand in hand with Carrara 5 which does animation also.



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    Back to importing an .obj file, I have done all the steps and can't get it to appear in the visual effects control. Does anyone have a sample .obj file they can post so I can try? I have been trying with files found on the net, and that may be the problem. Any help would be appreciated

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    please email me your model.
    3d models are very very finicky.

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