Hi all!

I just upgraded my license from V4 today. I'm now running v5.03N561D_HD.

15" Intel Macbook pro Retina w/ built in Geforce 750M 2GB
OSX 10.13.3

Currently only 1x 1080p layer patched

I've followed the .pdf at http://files.snp-productions.co.uk/d...ion%20v2.1.pdf with all the unix and preference settings to disable for better performance.

I've tried a number of things, but all of my media is playing back pixelated and full of compression noise. They look great in QT and VLC

No audio in the clips.

In the HUD, I've set the "Mix1 Options/Render Options" settings to Hi-res-1080

I've tried the following codecs:
Photo jpeg
ProRes 422 HQ
ProRes 422 LT
ProRes 422 Proxy

All the same - the clips play back with *horrible* compression noise compared to QT and VLC.

I tried loading up my content library that came with my V3 system many years ago, and even the properly encoded SD content is playing back pixelated and compressed.

I've searched the forum, and downloaded Paul Kenah's book, but don't see anything beyond suggestions to re-encode clips in the codecs listed above.

Am I missing something? I really hope so, as I'm working with pretty pristine macro lens shot video, and need to look great.