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Thread: Catalyst V5 and Splashtop Streamer

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    Question Catalyst V5 and Splashtop Streamer

    Anybody have experience running Splashtop streamer on a Catalyst Mac Pro? Ran fine when we were on TeamViewer but as soon as I installed streamer, video files will randomly not play, even with play mode selected properly. It will either correct itself after a minute or two or I will have to restart Catalyst to get it working. Layer intensity and everything else besides video playback works just fine.

    Prior to installing streamer, everything worked beautifully.

    Running on a trash can Mac Pro with D700’s.

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    Why are you running Splashtop streamer?
    The Mac has VNC and Screen Sharing / remote Management built in...
    If it works without Splashtop streamer - then un-install it !

    What OS are you using?
    If you have the option, use 10.12.6
    There is no benefit to upgrading to 10.13.x or 10.14.x

    ALSO ensure App Nap is DISABLED on the Catalyst Application (see Get-Info tick box)
    Right click on Catalyst application / Get-Info / tick the 'Prevent App Nap' box


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