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Thread: Catalyst v5 n561D - rev8 - 4thMay 2018

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    Catalyst v5 n561D - rev8 - 4thMay 2018

    exact map fix for n561 - no new features from n561

    works on 10.12 and 10.13
    works with v6 dongles

    please report bugs on this thread


  2. Link seems broken ??
    Fons Hogenes
    Rotterdamseweg 270
    2628 AT DELFT

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    i mixed up the link format with the display text

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    Lightbulb OS High Sierra issues

    Hi all, Richard,

    Today, prior to this update but maybe interesting to others, we experienced something odd.

    We were running CatalystPM 5.03_n561_HD on OS Sierra, but as we were experiencing regular unscheduled reboots of the OS system and learned that the new OS might be more stable, we upgraded to OS High Sierra. As we were preparing for a new years event and preparing the cue list, we noticed we couldn't use command+c, command+v and command+x. After further inspection we found that we lost the following tabs on the Mac menu bar: Edit, Show Control and pixelMAD.

    Not a critical thing for the show as such, but as the show is minor and we had quite some time left (and a backup system), we reinstalled Catalyst but the same issue remained.

    Upon calling Svend Pedersen, we were told there was a new Catalyst update (same name but with a B behind it) which we just installed and things seems to have fixed our issue. We're currently reloading the preferences and all.

    Thanks, hope the above might help someone experiencing the same.

    What we did notice on the new update:
    - if you type something in Show Cue and copy this, you can't paste it elsewhere (the text)
    - same when you want to copy/paste text in the presets

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    i didn't change anything to do with copy/paste - so must be in os - will check when i get a chance

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    This update is highly appreciated - I've just tested a previous (exact mapped) show in High Sierra and all seems to working as expected.

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    Any react that preset edit menu again white blank on every start of cat. 10.13.2 through 10.13.4

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    Hey richard,

    Link again broken? there is only a 404 report of dropbox that this file i not there anymore...



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    try again please from link on this page

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