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Thread: Can't load cuelist?

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    Can't load cuelist?


    I've a show being revived and I'm trying to load the show file on my laptop to remind myself what the heck I did last time !

    I've launched Catalyst but there's no menu options for Show - the menu is just gone! I've only got File, Windows and Help menus... so I can't open my cuelist to get the info I need.

    I've tried: version 4.40_m466B_HD - the original
    and with version 5.03_n574_HD

    and have tried with and without my license dongle in the laptop.

    MacBook Pro is running 10.13.1

    Any ideas? Or another way to read the cuelist? (can't make sense of it by opening it in textedit...)



    UPDATE: v6 beta to the rescue! I was able to load the cuelist through the new interface there - but I'm still very curious as to where the menus have gone - is it a High Sierra thing?

    Thanks, T.
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    Still having this issue - anyone know why it's happening?

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    Have you tried v5 n561B? - The menu's are all as they should be and it's working well on OS10.13. My guess is you have corrupted files, upload them and I'll be happy to give it try.

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