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Thread: Catalyst v6 - p624 - 27th October 2017

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    Catalyst v6 - p624 - 27th October 2017

    catalyst v6 - p624

    Its about preparing for the future - and any new mac pro hardware next year-
    Removing old things that might not work in the future -
    All old non-full screen stuff needs to go

    But also maintaining backwards compatibility for all old shows

    There are lots of things that need to be added before final release-
    But this is the show so far-

    Its out on james blunt with video dust

    download link is
    p624 download
    password v6beta

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    General specs for pro version

    48 layers - test only - due to memory use - you cant load 48 HD movies at the same time
    32 mixes
    6 outputs
    10.8.5 - 10.13 probably
    27 Megapixel movies -
    Support for decklink SDK - multiple cards - Quad 2 and Duo 2 cards.
    Mix and screen preview for all screens in HUD
    quartz composer inputs with parameter control via General controllers
    Kinesys - fixed - but not tested
    Stagetech control - fixed - but not tested
    Blacktrax - experimental - on request only
    Super Dropping Objects - used by red hot chilli peppers and eurovision - request only
    should work on any mac

    Catalyst v6 p624 27oct17.pdf

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