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Thread: ATI Radeon HD 5770

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    Question ATI Radeon HD 5770

    Hello forum,

    I am fairly novice with Catalyst, but am wondering if anyone can help with a hardware question.

    I have several shows in repertoire which use Catalyst and needed to expand to a new machine. I made a disk image of a machine that works just swell, but had a load of problems on a tour last week in Barcelona. The only thing I can assume is that the graphic card is not good enough for Catalyst? We are doing a lot of Frame-Store things with alpha masks all over the place, so it's fairly processor intensiv, but not sure exactly where the problem lies.

    The system is as such:
    OS 10.6.8
    2x 2.66 GhZ 6-Core Intel Xeon
    ATI Radeon HD 5770
    Active Silicon Input cards (x2)
    20 GB RAM
    512 GB SSD

    Anyone see any reason the show wouldn't be working? I'm hoping to use the server again for a new show in the fall and would like to get the bugs worked out ASAP.


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    Those ATI cards never played well with Catalyst, or in general.

    Stick GT280 in your machines and you'll be good!
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    Particularly with 10.6.8 - the ATI Radeon cards completely sucked. You can still get nVidia GTX285s (and later) on eBay - both 'proper' Mac versions and versions that have been modified to support Mac EFI that work very well and give much better performance.

    You don't mention what version of the Active Silicon cards you are using? I am assuming Phoenix cards? Dual channel or Single channel? I never successfully got more than two 1920x1080 inputs working without problems on Mac Pro 5.1s.


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    Upgrade system to 10.9.5, Install clear system on a new HD , replace video card to ATI HD 7970 3GB or ATI R9 280 3GB you can easy find cards on eBay.ATI HD 480 4/8GB also running good but only with 10.13. here you can buy in Berlin I bought last time 4 cards. Install second SSD for system, but would be better make RAID for video files. If you have Software Key V4 use or if possible! Have Fun!!

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