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    Library Import

    Hi All,

    So I am attempting to learn Catalyst (I do not own a dongle as this is a personal machine that is never used for production, just learning how to use catalyst) however when I add a path to the Library Files screen and scan, it doesn't find anything. I have tried using .jpg and .png and nothing with either. Is this a limitation to the software without a dongle or am I doing something wrong?

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    Did you number your folder and file? Each folder needs to start with a 3 digit number and seperated. i.e. 001_Logos. Each file in the folder needs the same treatment, 001_Background 1. Also, when selecting your folder make sure the numbered folder is not inside the folder you select. Mine looks like this, Content - 001_Logos.

    Hope that helps.

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    Cheers that did it! I was selecting the folder I wanted to add when I needed to select it's parent folder.

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