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Thread: Kramer VS-88DT TCP Serial

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    Question Kramer VS-88DT TCP Serial


    Has anyone had any success with the Kramer VS-88DT Matrix over a TCP connection on Catalyst? Just cannot get this to work. I've tried the Kramer 8x8 on Video Matrix module in Catalyst and custom serial triggers, not getting any response back or change with either.

    Matrix is on the network okay and the web interface can be accessed from the Catalyst server.

    Any tips?


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    These commands work for Kramer VS-88-HDCP and VS-88-DVI 8x8 Matrix
    I believe the matrix device in Catalyst also works
    Check that the correct protocol is set correctly on the Matrix - some have multiple protocols that have to be chosen (see manual for details)

    Ensure you set the IP address, subnet and port to the correct settings using the Kramer IP tool
    Ensure Catalyst is within the same range
    Ensure you setup a Catalyst TCPIP port with the same information as the matrix including the port as TCP (default is 5000)

    ************************************************** ****
    Kramer 8x8
    P 5000

    Recall Preset 1

    Recall Preset 2

    Recall Preset 3


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