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Thread: Layers not synced with audio playback

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    Layers not synced with audio playback

    Hello, I'm currently in a show running content on V561. Presets triggered manually with mouse.
    2 @ 1920x1080 for Left and Right
    3 @ 1920x1080 for blended center screen
    Layer 1 - SL,
    Layer 2 - SR
    Layer 3 - Center Right
    Layer 4 - Use Layer 3, Center
    Layer 5 - Use Layer 3, Center Left
    I have 3 files for each screen so only the center file has audio.
    I'm not usually playing audio from Catalyst, but am for this gig.
    Even with all layers in play mode 70, I still have issues with them playing in sync.
    I've been able to fire via timecode, and that seems to help.
    Is there something I'm missing?

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    what's your setup
    you need a 50 or 60Hz system depending from where you are
    it's syncing but you have refresh rate problems

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    Try sync id, (layer 1 - center, id=1. layer 2+3 sync to id 1), and lock refresh rate in catalyst control window.
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    your monitor screens needs to support 50Hz aswell
    lock refresh rate to the 2nd output
    somehow I get more stable performance/refresh rate problem with everything set to audio playback instead of sync ID
    but all if this is very experimental

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