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Thread: Varytec LED Mini Matrix 5x5 RGB with pixel mad

  1. Elation e-node 8 on pixelmad

    Hi guys,
    has anybody ever used Elation e-node 8 with catalyst pixel made?
    I must control 6 rows of 8 tiles of Varytec Led Mini Matrix 5x5 RGB. Every tile has 100 ch and is patched on this device: Elation E-Node 8 - Artnet/DMX Node.
    this E-Node 8 is connected to a catalyst V5 on a Mac PRO.
    In pixel mad Window there is no fixture library, so I have used a generic 5x5 grid to build the map.

    Catalyst is ok, Artnet is ok (I've tested artnet output by Dmx Pen suite), but when I connect lan to the Elation E-Node 8 nothing happens....

    If I test the Elation E-Node 8 with mad mapper or dmx pen tool, it works. I've just observed that it works only at 250K Baud Rate and not at 1000K Baud Rate. Infact only the blue led of 250K blinks.



    Last edited by idoru; 24-11-2015 at 12:52 AM. Reason: I found the issue is the Artnet/DMX Node

  2. I've built the grid 5x5 RGBW in this way:

    <Fixture menuname="Varytec minimatrix 5x5" uniqueid="minimatrix 5x5" excelexportid="minimatrix 5x5" pixelwidth="5" pixelheight="5" output="RGBW" orientation="TOPLEFT" channelcount="100">
    <pixel index="1" output="RGBW" xcoord="0" ycoord="0" orientationicon="FIRSTPIXEL" />
    <pixel index="2" output="RGBW" xcoord="1" ycoord="0" />
    <pixel index="3" output="RGBW" xcoord="2" ycoord="0" />
    <pixel index="4" output="RGBW" xcoord="3" ycoord="0" />
    <pixel index="5" output="RGBW" xcoord="4" ycoord="0" />

    <pixel index="6" output="RGBW" xcoord="0" ycoord="1" />
    <pixel index="7" output="RGBW" xcoord="1" ycoord="1" />
    <pixel index="8" output="RGBW" xcoord="2" ycoord="1" />
    <pixel index="9" output="RGBW" xcoord="3" ycoord="1" />
    <pixel index="10" output="RGBW" xcoord="4" ycoord="1" />

    <pixel index="11" output="RGBW" xcoord="0" ycoord="2" />
    <pixel index="12" output="RGBW" xcoord="1" ycoord="2" />
    <pixel index="13" output="RGBW" xcoord="2" ycoord="2" />
    <pixel index="14" output="RGBW" xcoord="3" ycoord="2" />
    <pixel index="15" output="RGBW" xcoord="4" ycoord="2" />

    <pixel index="16" output="RGBW" xcoord="0" ycoord="3" />
    <pixel index="17" output="RGBW" xcoord="1" ycoord="3" />
    <pixel index="18" output="RGBW" xcoord="2" ycoord="3" />
    <pixel index="19" output="RGBW" xcoord="3" ycoord="3" />
    <pixel index="20" output="RGBW" xcoord="4" ycoord="3" />

    <pixel index="21" output="RGBW" xcoord="0" ycoord="4" />
    <pixel index="22" output="RGBW" xcoord="1" ycoord="4" />
    <pixel index="23" output="RGBW" xcoord="2" ycoord="4" />
    <pixel index="24" output="RGBW" xcoord="3" ycoord="4" />
    <pixel index="25" output="RGBW" xcoord="4" ycoord="4" />
    Could work?

    Tomorrow I'll try....

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