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Thread: sync to timecode in mac pro late 2013

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    sync to timecode in mac pro late 2013

    Hello, i am interesting how to sync catalyst with audio, light console with smpte or/and mtc in a new mac pro 2013? because all mini jack only works like output? May be some decision through external thunderbolt card etc?

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    Any USB Audio/Midi Interface would work.
    Much cheaper than TB Solutions

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    Can advise some devices?

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    thank you MLorenz, may be some one know if possible to buy pci-e audio interface that work as well as usb device or some thunderbolt example also? (because I already has sonnet thunderbolt chassis)

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    I use the Motu 828x, which is 19"
    But there are cheaper options like this: (has only audio) or (with midi)

    RME does some nice PCI cards:

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