I have just returned to work a few months in countries where Catalyst is not king and where much more expensive products as Hippotizer, Coolux Pandora, etc. are widely used.

I must say I love Catalyst from the beginning (to not be offended anyone) and that the primary use of equipment that made Hippotizer was Mapping of complex structures (buildings, locomotives, castles, etc.).

I will like to suggest some improvements in Catalyst, after having engaged in some Mapping projects I did in Beirut, once the entire design with Hippotizer Mapping, repeat (like exercise) in Catalyst.

Exact Map:

* Management of Catalyst to select Quads in the portion of the source is the longest so few mouse controls become essential, not as now introducing position values, width and height.

* The possibility that controls source selection can be made by DMX.

* The ability to view the source with which we are working to connect and disconnect your view (source tab) is also essential.
In tests that I did first creating a 2D rectangle covering the power to view and then create Quads (Keystone network, Rect warp, etc on Catalyst).

* The ability to enable / disable some Quads to work more comfortably.


* Power control parameters Keyston Geometry by DMX. They are missing parameters to really show that we program a DMX console, independent of Catalyst we have .

I point this suggestion because after working with equipment of thousands of dollars, (which become essential in some situations) in most cases the Catalyst would be the best option, making some things easier, see for example how to work source/destination of Resolume Arena.

Greetings to all