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Thread: 4K resolution input

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    Quote Originally Posted by julien View Post
    with aja io4k could you use it for 4 differents inputs 1080i50hz ?
    Hey Julien,

    you can use the 4 different inputs with 1080P or PsF. The trick is to configure the AJA to 4K input in the desired Hz Range and as this 4K input will be handled with four quadrants and so 4 SDI Streams you just need to crop it in the Catalyst input section..

    All Input Streams need to have the same resolution and Rate..



  2. Bottom line on this is that you can only input 1920x1080 into catalyst at this point.

    I have tried the following: Aja IO 4K, Active Silicon Cards in a Sonnet case, Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K, and Blackmagic UltraStudio Express.

    All of them work just fine. I cannot comment on latency as i never really looked at them side by side.

    Active Silicon Cards: Richard has invested a lot of time making them work and they do just that work. Every Time!
    Aja IO 4K: works, flexable, but you only get access to one input at a time. Also that is not switchable via catalyst. Maybe you could script that?
    Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K: Expensive and very picky on what signals it likes. For example it wants a non standard version of 3G SDI. Fail.
    Blackmagic UltraStudio Express: Great for the price and you can get 2 to work on the same machine at the same time. Downside is no thunderbolt feed through.

    Hope that helps!

    I am now using the Active Silicon Cards and sometimes the Blackmagic UltraStudio Express depending on the project.
    Tyler Roach
    Eclipse Creativity, Inc.

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    is ultrastudio 4K working with UHD resolution ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by julien View Post
    is ultrastudio 4K working with UHD resolution ?
    not stable enough to be usable

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