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Thread: 4K resolution input

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    4K resolution input

    did someone use a 4k input card on Catalyst
    i tested a Blackmagic Thunderbolt ultrastudio 4K but Catalyst converted a 4K resolution to a HD resolution.
    it is the same with the Decklink 4K Extreme 12G Pci card.

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    Beware of the Blackmagic 4K, it is not true 4k and will only input at 25/30fps and not full 50/60fps.
    Ended up sticking with 1080@50p for cleanness of image.


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    I used an AJA io4k

    Did you check the Blackmagic settings in the control panel... maybe the downconversion was active

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    I would always take AJA over Blackmagic for input support and latency.


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    just didnt work when i tried to make it work-

  6. I have the AJA io4K working on my desk right now. mlorenz have you had any luck accessing multiple inputs on the AJA as in SDI 1 & 2? I am hoping i don't need one Aja per input and can use the 2 SDI's and the HDMI as discrete inputs into catalyst.
    Tyler Roach
    Eclipse Creativity, Inc.

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    I used the aja io4k with the 4k input-option and 4 SDI inputs.
    So 4 Full-HD quarters, in the catalyst input in then cropped thoses quarters
    With the SDI1 and 2 you can only use once at a time when setting the card to Full HD

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    Is the AJA IO4k a better option than the phoenix cards? how is the latency on the inputs?
    Paul Kenah
    Catalyst Expert

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwi View Post
    Is the AJA IO4k a better option than the phoenix cards? how is the latency on the inputs?
    Hey Paul,

    I can't say that the AJAs are the better Option as I never compared them side by side, but just my feeling says that the AJA 4K got less latency (and you can input 50/60 HZ)...

    As a long term Phoenix User I switched to AJA 4K last year, when I upgraded my Catalysts to the recent Macs and definitely no regrets!



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    with aja io4k could you use it for 4 differents inputs 1080i50hz ?

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