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Thread: Article: v5 - n546 - rev 5 - 6 output on new mac pro

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    Take a look at this PDF - might be useful to figure out screen configurations on the MacPro 6,1 and how the MDP ports relate to the display order in Catalyst V5 PRO

    The MDP ports relate to the 'display-index' in catalyst
    So if you follow the order in the PDF attached - it 'should' match Catalyst screen order

    Apple logo appears on Screen 1 (MDP4) during boot
    Display Index 1 is always the primary screen
    Assign the Primary Screen to the monitor connected to MDP4.
    IMPORTANT: - Then you have to move the screens in system preferences to match catalyst!…

    It is easier to attach the screens 1-by-1
    If you arrange the screens in a line (1-6) in system preferences, it is difficult to figure out which one is screen 3,4,5 in catalyst. But if you move screen 4 down slightly in system preferences arrangement - it makes it easier to identify the screens in the catalyst

    Output Display Arrangement.png

    The order will remain the same unless the EDID or screen is changed/removed
    NOTE - if you change or disconnect a screen, or change the EDID, you will have to re-adjust the arrangement in system preferences.

    Users must assign the correct 'Display-index' to the correct Output in Catalyst output preferences:
    Display-index 1 - to – Output 1
    Display-index 2 - to – Output 2 (defaults to 1 for new show)
    Display-index 3 - to – Output 3 (fixed)
    Display-index 4 - to – Output 4 (fixed)
    Display-index 5 - to – Output 5 (fixed)
    Display-index 6 - to – Output 6 (fixed)

    Output DisplayIndex Allocation.png

    This seems to work for us.
    Please test some of these configurations to see if they work on other MacPro 6,1
    Let me know


    MDP Screen Order v2.3.pdf
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    Thanks Simon, that is most helpful.
    I have been trying to work with model mixes for visualization and I fee like it isn't working like it should. Perhaps someone here has some more experience. I can only seem to assign a layer to a model mix. And then when I assign that layer it only plays the movie file. I can't control any other aspects of it. If I assign another mix it only seems to make it white.
    I tried with built in models and custom models and I get the same result.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Models work fine...
    You have to put the mix in to flat-locked-to-corner mode or keystone. Not flat-constant

    You should ensure that the mix resolution and render setting match your content.
    Mix doesn't have to be visible onscreen if the offscreen render setting is enabled.

    What aspects of the layer are you trying to control?


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    Ah, should have thought to try that. Works fine now.
    When I assigned a layer only, I couldn't scale, change color, etc..
    Once I assigned a mix that was flat corners it works fine.

    Thanks Simon.

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    Hey Simon,

    thanks for that PDF

    Why wouldnt you recommend the Apple DL Adapters.
    I have 4 machines (6.2 each with 4 x DL Adapter attached) out at the moment and they work like it should
    I always have all 4 screens attached at the same time, do a PRAM reset and then check and label the output numbers correct, works without any issues.



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