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Thread: New functions in catalyst v5

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    New functions in catalyst v5

    Hi Everyone!
    I have some questions about v5:

    - can I use new function like ExactMapping and Modeling without dongle for trying/learning purposes or these functions don't work without dongle?

    - is there any, may be short, instructions how to use these functions or may be someone can explain it in short?

    Any advice is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Exact map is another mix type like keystone and curved screen, you can try it out without the dongle but like all mix types it will flash red every so often if the dongle is not present.

    To use exact map, set the mix type of the mix to "exact map".
    Next build your "map" in the "mix maps" tab in the library window in the HUD.
    There are a few presets in there that you can recall to get you started.

    Like most of catalyst, learning the software is a small part of the learning process, the big part is learning the best ways to apply the software to what you want to achieve.

    I would encourage you to download, try it out and get a feel for it, then come back here with questions, there are many experienced users who have been privately using exact map in beta for awhile now, and they all visit this forum.

    There are also Catalyst dealers on here who will be happy to help you out with a dongle.

    Paul Kenah
    Catalyst Expert

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    Paul, thank You for quick answer, and sorry for my delay.
    Because our company plans to upgrade to catalyst v5, both hardware and software, in near two-three months, I began to experiment with it.
    So before I've asked help, I've did exactly what You've encouraged me to do: I've downloaded and tried v5. Something went wrong and I didn't get any image in mix-window, therefore the questions have arisen.
    Now I've managed with it in some measure, I can get image in mix-window.
    Moreover I keep on experiments using information from Barret's thread:

    So some next new questions have emerged.
    Could You answer them, please?
    Or should I ask my dealer for such questions?

    - Why does option "current" in parameter "image source" work different way in template-building-pannel(left pannel) and in preview-pannel (right pannel) of MixMap window. It seems like with this option chosen in left pannel I can see in current, i.e. that in which this template has been chosen, mix window composition of those layers which patched to current mix. But in preview pannel with "current" chosen in "source" field I see something like, I don't know yet exactly, but very similar to, last frame from mix1 window.
    Is it by design and important for working with v5? And then, should I know and understand something about it that I don't yet?
    Or it isn't important,therefore I shouldn't worry about it and should concentrate at some more important things ?

    - In earlier versions of catalyst there was some restriction of using DMX/Artnet feature without dongle.
    So, Is it posibl to control map variables through "curved points" or "general controllers" that in turn controlled by DMX/Artnet without v5 dongle?

    Thank You in advance.

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    You can certainly ask me questions, but it might be easier for you to visit a dealer if thats possible and get them to run you through it in person. There really isn't any better way of learning the software.

    I don't quite understand what you're asking, could you post a screenshot? or PM me so that I can help you further.

    Paul Kenah
    Catalyst Expert

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