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Thread: Exact Map Question

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    Exact Map Question

    I'm finally getting a bit of time to get to to speed on v5 and starting to think ahead -

    Is there a way (or plans to have it implimented) to alter the mapping variables within Exact map remotely (web server control or DMX) as you can on a keystone mix?

    Having the facility for mapping a touring show on a keystone mix was invaluable for saving time, especially with Catalyst RC (I've tried to get in touch with Numeo to ask if they has any future plans to update Catalyst RC to work with the new features of v5 but I've not heard anything back).

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    In the Mixmap window select show param mapping from the display tab.

    You can then patch the variables you want either to curved mix points or General controllers and control via DMX



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    Thanks for the reply Andy - I've managed to control using the curved mix points (channel 49 for x11 etc) but I've had no luck with General Controllers so far - I've no idea why.

    I can see how this would be problematic - x amount of keystone rect etc within one mix. It would be good however to be able to remotely switch (via the web server for example) some default param mappers to a keystone rectangle so you could assign the parameters to one rectangle, map it, switch it off then move on to the next one and so on.

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    To use the general controllers I believe you have to switch them on in the inputs window. There you set the ranges etc. they are quite useful!

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    Ok, got it - Thanks Salvador.

    As you said - this looks like a useful, powerful addition

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    I've started to look at patching the General controllers but I have one question:

    What would be the preferable way of setting up the General controllers so they don't conflict?

    For example, GC1 users two channels - 1 & 2. GC2 users 2 & 3. So if they are patched through the same universe the second channel on GC1 conflicts with the first channel on GC2.
    Is it a case of patching the controllers on alternating universes to stop this conflict or is there another way around this?

  7. hi there

    the GC Fixture is a 16bit fixture, so uses two DMX channels. Patch GC1 at DMX address 1 & 2, GC2 at 3 & 4, GC3 at 5 & 6 etc etc etc. There should be no overlap.

    Does that make sense?

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    Yes, it makes complete sense.
    Thanks for the reply Nev, it's works like a charm.

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