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    What have you guys done to Mask around scenic pieces? I have a show coming up where the scenic looks like a dialogue bubble. Hippo has the 'Live Masking' which would be perfect for this, and I have not seen anything in Catalyst that does this. Any thoughts?

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    It depends on how complicated the mask is. For rectangular-ish things you can usually get away with a mix window and a black box. If it is more complicated, load up photoshop in fullscreen mode and draw a mask, save as a jpg and use it as a mask. Not anything special but it does work.
    You can also use a curved mix window for this if you need to finesse it into place.

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    If you have the CAD file of the scenic object and it has been cut by CNC machine, then you can make a mask from the CAD file.
    Paul Kenah
    Catalyst Expert

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