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Thread: Help Personality AYRTON AND ROBIN 600

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    Help Personality AYRTON AND ROBIN 600

    Hello I would like some help in PixelMAD ...
    Need to use two moving light in pixelmad, I wonder about the creation of personality within the program as it would be, or even have some ready you can go and help me.
    The appliances are AYRTON MAGICPANEL 602 extender mode 160 channels.
    AND ROBIN 600 LEDWash Mode 2 of 37 channels.

    thank you.

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    Best way to do this probably, you would need to merge the output of pixel mad into your lighting console using a DMX (artnet) in and use HTP merge.
    This way you can use it as a regular fixture or pixel mad.

    There is a magic panel fixture in pixel mad, just patch it where it needs to go, +16 channels from the start of the fixture.

    If you can't do that then, just patch the moving light portion of the magic panel on the console and have the console and pixel mad both going through the same switch talk to the magic panel. I don't like this solution as much but it would work.

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    But MagicPanel has red,red fine, green, green fine, blue,blue fine.
    this and the problem

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    not that I know of, it is RGBW, all 8 bit.
    What profile are you using?

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    the profile I see has 16 channels of moving light parameters and 144 of RGBW, that's 36 x RGBW which is 160 channels. I don't see where you can have it in a coarse and fine mode.

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