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Thread: m466B - v4 -

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    Quote Originally Posted by samsc View Post
    are you saying what you see when:
    inframe=0 and outframe > 0
    is different between these version?

    what you say worked well in m364?
    That's what I say : it works on m364 and older (picture displayed), it doesn't work on m466 and newer (nothing displayed).

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    thats not what i see -
    please supply more details of timecode range you using
    and smpte options - looping? screen capture of smpte settings would be useful

    you have black frames at start and end of movie?


    there are a lot of changes between m364 - and m466 - but nothing that stops it working-

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    SMPTE timecode bug in m464 and newer

    Sorry I was long to send the screens, but here they are !

    I was using 25fps @44.1kHz timecode. It worked well in m364 and has an issue on m464
    (same show, same computer, same audio card, same timecode source, etc.)

    inframe=0 and outframe > 0 : media is not played on Catalyst m464
    Attachment 849

    inframe > 0 and outframe > 0 : media is played well on Catalyst m464
    Attachment 850

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