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Thread: m364 - lion fix

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    m364 - lion fix

    download m364
    password boron

    i keep get asked about lion
    so this is an intermediate build - no major new features - intended as bug fix for m329

    lion fix - simple glitch with opengl features -

    various small bug fixes over the last few months


    do not upgrade catalyst machines to lion unless you have to -

    there are no features that are of use to any catalyst users

    oct 2011 - active silicon don't currently have working drivers for LFG and phoenix cards

    this is not for people who have private builds from me

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    THANK you very much for this. Was just trying to prep a new show, and my Cat wouldn't open on my lion upgraded machine. Downloading now, hoping it breaks and works well!

    Thanks again. Just saved me a massive aggravating headache.

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    there is no need to upgrade anything - on a mac pro-

    all you get is grief and features removed-

    there is more missing than added-

    but if anyone upgrades:

    there is no reason for not creating a bootable duplicate first using carbon copy cloner or Super Duper

    Discs can be split and repartitioned live - without any reformatting to create partitions with different OS versions-

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    O I hear you.
    Upgraded my new mbp unit. Among everything else, I use it for initial show preset and mapping creation before moving to the Fullsize mac pro or mini if the case may be.

    Wish they would finally make an upgrade that actually upgrades something. Have a feeling that since Steve passed, Mac may head down the path of Microsoft with products and "upgrades"

    Thanks again anyways though!
    On to the next one!

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    Lion running on Mac Mini's

    Hey Richard,

    Starting to test out a new Mac mini with the optical drive removed and an SSD slid in place, but it will be running on Lion. Anything I should keep my eye out for?

    Was thinking of trying to downgrade it to Snow Leopard, but have been told that there were numerous issues with the downgrade.


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    This version is just saying searching for serial ports on boot up. Any ideas why?



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