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Thread: Prefs not saved -error-10

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    Prefs not saved -error-10


    when i closed the Catalyst, i got a Alert "Prefs not saved - error -10, Check Application folder permissions"

    I have the all write & read permissions for all folders, Applications and so one....

    What can i do?

    I can save showfiles, but there's nothing in it.....

    Anybody a idea

    Thank you in advandce


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    This is usually due to the location of your show files

    Best to create a new folder on your desktop and copy the show files in to it.
    Always work within a folder - since catalyst creates settings files as part if your show setup. This ensures that files don't get mixed up with others.

    Also make sure that you have full rights access to the folder you are working in (and the rest of the system)

    Don't move the files or folders when catalyst is open

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