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Thread: Catalyst on Arcus boot Pro Light & sound

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    Catalyst on Arcus boot Pro Light & sound

    When I was visiting Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt this week, I saw some really interesting catalyst equipment. On the Arcus (Highend-Barco) boot they had a demo with a catalyst and 4 screen system. They also had a 19" rack with very nice 19" modules with all the connectors needed. I.e. A module for the thg with the dvi outputs mounted, the same fore de sdi capture cards with all the bnc on a panel and so on. All these seemed very professional with catalyst logo. Is catalyst going back to Highend (barco) or is it Arcus that is developing these hardware products? I had no time to talk to someone on the boot...
    I would like to know made these peripherals.


  2. Hi there

    Catalyst is not going back to Highend - Arcus had their own casing made for their servers.

    Nev Bull
    Pixels Plus Limited
    Digital Video Services

    Catalyst Software - Upgrades - Server Hardware - Accessories - Training - Support

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    If that is the Catface stuff then yes it is very cool.. the rack mounting of the TH2G is very impressive as is all the patchfield stuff.. they started doing that stuff about 18months ago as I had some of those bits on couple of Catalyst systems I had out of Procon.

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    We manufacturing custom panels for our catalyst systems - albeit more basic, but still allowing the flexibility to change configuration depenging upon use.

    Pro-Systems Group had some impressive custom panels on show in Frankfurt:
    available directly or via SNP in the UK.

    Simon Pugsley

    SNP Productions Ltd. (UK)
    Lighting & Video Control Solutions
    Catalyst Dealer UK Europe & Worldwide...

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    Hello together,
    thank you for your positive comments.

    We are happy to hear that our Catface products find your approval.
    They were developed together with our customers to find the ideal solution.
    We also have the capabilities to meet your requirements and to build your customized panel solution.
    If your are interested please send me an E-Mail:

    Thanks again
    Andre Krause
    Licht- und Präsentationstechnik GmbH
    Obermeiers Feld 2-4
    33104 Paderborn-Sennelager

    Fon: +49 5254 93069 0
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    could you post a picture of the TH2G that you have rack mounted... as it is a great solution and looks really tidy. It solves the velcro/cable tie problem.

    Philip G Haynes
    Live Visual Design and Direction

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    Hi Phil,
    here is a PDF with front and back view of the interface.
    There is a USB Hub inside the housing to be able to connect more USB
    modules like Midisport.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Cheers Andre, I think your rack mounting is great, when I first viewed them on my racks In Hamburg no one from the procon office could give me any details about them, or where to source them. Hats off to whoever knocked up the design and fabrication.

    Philip G Haynes
    Live Visual Design and Direction

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    Thank you for the kind words.
    I think the most important thing for a Catalyst system is a panel with all the connections you need. It is annoying to have important connections in the back of a unit. That is one reason why we made the units.

    In the past we developed 4 different units:

    - Connection panel with all needed Mac Pro connections
    - Data Panel, is a customized Video input panel with integrated Netgear Gigabit Switch
    - 3-Way DVI processor (Triple Head)
    - Control Interface with integrated Midisport 2x2 and a 2 DMX input to Artnet PCB

    We are also open for any other suggestions as we've developed a lot of custom made units like a 2U dual triple head unit with Extron RGBHV and VGA Outputs.


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    For those of us in the USA.....Mainlight Industries in Delaware also makes really nice custom panels for media servers including Catalyst.
    Best Regards,
    - Marty

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