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Thread: TH2G changes output resolution when fullscreen

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    TH2G changes output resolution when fullscreen

    I have earlier used our quadcore macpro with x1900 GPU to run a TH2G with 3 projectors. I'm not sure what the resolution was then on the TH2G but it worked flawlessly.
    Now when I connect the TH2G with 3 projectors to one of the outputs and my ordinary monitor to the second output everything works great until i put TH2G output to full screen.
    So I get the TH2G to work with a resolution like 2400*600 and the ordinary monitor 1024*768. This should work I guess.

    But when switching to full screen both outputs flicker and the TH2G output changes back to something like 1024*768 75Hz.

    The TH2G is located at the mac with orig cable, from the TH2G goes 1*30m, 1*40m and 1*10 cable.

    The TH2G works great with other applications like Qlab. And I connected the TH2G to my Intel-laptop aswell, and it behaved likewise when using CatV4.

    I would love to use 3*1024*768+1*1024*768.



  2. Hi,

    Does this change in output resolution happen with Catalyst running and only switching to full screen or does it happen when you start the Catalyst app....

    In the second case, you might accidently have set the output screen resolutions to a fixed value, 1024x768 for example..

    Hope this helps for you...
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    It happends when switching to full screen. Output 2 shows 2400*600/75Hz(or 3072*768/75Hz) before and 1024*768 afterwards....


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    Can you send a screen shot of the catalyst control window in both states - before output 2 full screen - and - after output 2 full screen.

    You also need to ensure that output 2 is not being 'forced' to 1024x68 - see screen shot below

    Is this an Analogue or Digital TH2G?
    Have you installed the matrox PowerDesk utility?
    Have you set the resolution in the MacOS (system preferences) first before opening catalyst?

    You need to ensure that the resolution and refresh rate is set in system preferences BEFORE opening catlayst. Certain resoltions can be 'forced' at startup - however TH2G resolutions are not included.

    Depending whether you have 25fps(75Hz) or 30fps(60Hz) selected - you may see the screens flicker as catalyst sets the refresh rate at startup. TH2G-A will support 75Hz by default. TH2G-D will support 60Hz by default, other resolutions require installation of Matrox PowerDesk utility to re-configure the TH2G-D via USB. Stick with default values unless you really need to change it. If using the Power Desk utility, you seem to need to do it twice!...

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