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Thread: Pixelmad - Wireless DMX

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    Pixelmad - Wireless DMX

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience of outputting Pixelmad over wireless DMX?
    In the past I have found that there tends to be a latency when controlling moving lights over wireless, this would lead me to think it'll be the same with Pixelmad however when there are many wireless DMX options it's difficult to try them all.

    The plan in short is to run four universes each one to a nine Pixelline.

    Any comments are most welcome. Thank you.


  2. I had a play with Pixelmad using Luminex products and there was no noticable delay. That was four universes over about 50m onto colorweb.

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    you might want to try a simple test-
    stand next to the receiver with a walkie talkie and use it and see what happens.
    then maybe a mobile phone or two


    wireless dmx! are you sure???

    pixelmad needs constant data and fast update rates - across all universes simultaneously? Are you sure?
    remember what happens to the rf noise levels when you have thousands of people all of a sudden with their mobiles phones in the auditorium.

    works fine in rehersals???

    then with an audience???


    when i was at the wynn hotel earlier in the year - they couldnt get the wireless dmx to go 20 feet in a controlled environment with high gain aerials.


    seems to me like begging for trouble-

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