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Thread: Catalyst v4.1 m152

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    Quote Originally Posted by samsc View Post
    I moved the video input FX enable from the application preferences to the Video InputHUD-

    And i turned it off by default - just in case
    Found it in the end!

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    Go to sleep!


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    Did a bit of testing on MacPro 8xCore 3G with internal striped Raid.

    I get two 1920x1080 movies running at constant 25 fps with Photo-JPEG 50% and still one 1920x1080 movies with Photo-JPEG 75%... not too bad.

    I also tried the "Run test" option but there I saw some drops to 24 fps (1 Layer) something like every 10 seconds.

    For the "preview layer" to sub-mix routing it would be a nice to have if the Layer selection from the "Mix options" would activate / deactivate that layer in the preview...

    Some really nice add-ons - nice works Richard.
    Oliver Ranft, Aachen, Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_P View Post
    Video input fx seem to be there - and working - for me... Intel MacBook Pro and Mac Pro 8Core 3G

    version was stable on Paris gig Friday - great photojpeg performance with audio on a 12 min file. Not doing anything else except playback, but it worked fine.

    try apple intermediate codec.

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    hi richard,

    i played again with 147, macbookpro, sorry no dongel right now, waiting for arcus.

    i would like to use 147 on my upcoming tour, because of the nice layer preview pre fader option and the mix preview option.

    i played again with that and found the mix preview option not working, alls 8 mixes in the preview window are full white, no content.

    is that because i had no dongle connected?

    any other reason

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    I noticed that when I try to resize a mix window from 1920 x 1080 down to something smaller, say 1920 x 600, the window just snaps to 1300 or so the minute you try moving the resize corner.



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    there are some limits because on older systems making larger mixes just kills them.

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    i posted m150.
    fixes a few little glitches - for details see first post.

    please also report experiences with apple intermediate codec.


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    What's the problem there ?

    Why I can't see mix previews ?

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    only works for keystone and curved mixes for now.

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