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Thread: Catalyst Tutorials- workshops 26th/27th June 2007 - London

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    Catalyst Tutorials- workshops 26th/27th June 2007 - London

    Im going to be doing some workshops and tutorials while PID have their Digital video workshop at Turnmills next week.

    Im going to try and cover - and get some of my equipment there to demonstrate and show these things-

    1. New things in v4.
    2. Mixes submixes edge blending. Curved Mixes.
    3. Video input. HDMI using Intensity. Sony V1P progressive scan camera. HD-SDI. 8 Inputs using LFG4. Video input cropping. Using quad splitters
    4. Hardware Controllers. Mackie, Lemur, Behringer.
    5. Show control stuff and cue lists. Triggering from midi. dmx, midi time code.
    6. Apple hardware options. XServe. Xserve RAID. SCSI disc performance. SATA RAID performance...Why not bring your own discs to test on different machines.
    7. Things that cropped up on recent shows. Performance on older machines. Use of image pro HD. Midi time code. Video input cropping.
    8. Performance "Why dont my dual 2.0GHz machine - with HES harddrive work well?". Files with bigger image sizes - and how to make them work ( or not work )- "You mean the computer has limits??"

    Location is Turnmills in central london near farringdon tube station.
    Please email if you want to come to the PID event as well-
    But for me - you can just turn up.

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    web Streaming ?

    Any chance to partecipate remotely ?

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    I'll second that idea. Perhaps a webcam or screencast or something.

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    Im not even sure there will be any internet at turnmills.
    I havent ever done anything there-

    If there is - I wont have any time to set anything up like this - and check it works.

    I have been away travelling for 4 weeks- and im not back in london until friday this week.

    Maybe next time.

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    That's too bad. It looks like you're going to be sharing a lot of good stuff. I'd even be happy if somebody stuck a camcorder on a tripod in the corner of the room and posted it here later.

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    I'll be going from the USA to the workshop. Maybe with Richard's permission, I could tape it and post it as a Podcast (I can also post it on my website). What do think Richard?
    Andrew Atienza

    Fx Production Services

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    By the way, is anyone else going that has a hotel room nearby and is willing to share? Hotels are booked up like crazy because of Wibledon and the closest place I can find is a 40 minute ride away.
    Andrew Atienza

    Fx Production Services

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    I would absolutely love to watch it like a pod cast! Especially since it sounds as if you are not coming over to the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanww
    I would absolutely love to watch it like a pod cast! Especially since it sounds as if you are not coming over to the US.
    i just spent 4 weeks in the usa...talking to people - meeting people - i started in toronto NY, Wilmingtom, Baltimore Orlando Atlanta, and went down to miami - then across to Huntsville Las Vegas and LA. I only had so much time - and a lot of people to visit.
    In the USA - i realised i needed to get out and show people these things-

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