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Thread: Catalyst v4 library parameters for Hog consoles

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    Catalyst v4 library parameters for Hog consoles

    I noted, in Catalyst V4, on the hog 3 library, some very cool things....

    like,.. the Scale, shows up on 1.x, 1.2 zoom.
    on the Image X and Y, shows Pixel by Pixel.

    specialy those 2.

    i wanna replicate that on our Jands Hog and Hog 1K libraries, but to do so,.. if any one has a list on those paramenters for catalyst will make much more easier.

    So if any one can share a parameter list with the above correspondet, we apprecciated.

    Ibeam SP
    SP, Brasil

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    parameter list is in the back of the manual- which is embedded in the application

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