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  1. Bug reports
  2. d16- Some drag and drop wierdness
  3. d16- Fixed missing cue list clock menu
  4. d16- sound output doesnt work with digi002
  5. d16 - still only supports 16 bit stereo 44.1k audio!!!
  6. d16 - tcpip ports not editable
  7. d16 - cant quit file preview in full screen
  8. Multichannel audio goto command sometimes fails
  9. Sound
  10. Same shortcut for 2 different commands
  11. Multichannel audio "Goto zero" command
  12. Doubleclicking a SAMSC file doesn't open application
  13. Crash on launch 10.3.7
  14. Crash on Launch D18 OS 3.8 (1.5 GHz Powerbook)
  15. Option drag in hot keys does not work
  16. Using HOT Keys ,, Apple key W or Apple S....
  17. audio and movie missing file display
  18. Quicktime playback & multichannel audio
  19. CD support
  20. remote IP
  21. D19 Shift Key and Full Screen at launch
  22. Crash when quicktime movie goes awol
  23. .wav file audio playback problems
  24. Recording
  25. mmc crash?
  26. Internal Relative crash
  27. SMPTE Reader
  28. Crashes when editing a MSC setting that was stored in hot key
  29. dragging hotkeys into sequence..Using SAMSC D25-
  30. Flash SWF file not in preview window
  31. D30 Timeline option not working
  32. D30 Strange behavior Movie time clock
  33. d30 HQ flag in Quicktime?
  34. D30 SDI in QT player output not working
  35. D30 Movie preview
  36. D30 Display timeline button
  37. D30 Audioplayer samplerate bug
  38. D30 Cuelist bug?
  39. dongle not recognized
  40. Crashed when quitting after adding quicktime players to device list.
  41. msc detail
  42. Dongle Not Recognized - Urgent
  43. Multichannel Audio problems
  44. Midi time code seems to freeze app
  45. d38 Hide (Cmd H) Not Working
  46. HUD gets garbled 3 keystone mixes enabled
  47. Codec Audio Problem
  48. Catalyst crashes trying to change frame rate